Oak's Finishings

Varnishing is a type of industrial finishing that can be only realized on 2 or 3 Layers Oak Unfinished Parquet.
Varnishing adds value to the tonalities and to the chromatisms of the wood floorings, it protects, enhances and preserves the wood.
The varnishing cycles, 100% Made in Italy, CATAS certificated, observe every requisite, according to the UNI 11622-1:2016 European Standards.
The Finishings can be made with 7 UV Layers ecological water-based varnish or with 7 UV Layers Oil.
Take Note: Finishing that aren't can be performed on request.

7UV Resistant Varnishing THE CLASSICS

7UV Resistant Varnishing OAK SEASONS

7UV Oiled Varnishing THE ECOLOGIC LINE