BIGGEST 3 Layers 3 Strips Floating Parquet

3 Strips Floating. The giant size of a wood flooring, "Parquet effect".

3 Layers 3 Strips Floating Parquet is comfortable, warm, elegant and trendy.
3 Layers 3 Strips Floating Parquet is a stratified flooring, stuck on with high resistant glue: a solid wood upper layer, 3-4 mm, a halfway birch or similar layer and a 3 strips counterbalancing firs layer or HDF, to guarantee the best parquet effect.
The optical effect, thanks to the composition, it is known as “parquet effect”, since the surface layer is composed by lamellas.
3 Layers 3 Strips Floating Parquet has the same warm of a solid wood flooring, but it can be quickly laid without using glue. It is already 6UV varnished and it is ready to be laid.
Its laying, indeed, is floating with click joints, it’s handy and efficient.
It is sound-absorbent and thermo-isolating.
Thanks to the facility of its laying, its parquet effect and its maxi dimensions, 3 Layers 3 Strips Floating Parquet is suitable for every average foot traffic space like homes and offices.
Timbers differently react to the temperature, humidity and sunshine, and, thank to the oxidation process, they could change color.

Application Advices

The application of the 3 Layers 3 Strips Floating Parquet is easy and fast on each stable base, but we still suggest you to turn to a qualified staff. The click system laying is floating, so no glue required. Some kind of 3 Layers 3 Strips Floating Parquet laying imposes the use of the glue between listonies, but never between flooring and base. It's laying requires a specific cushioning mat. It can be laid also on pre-existent flooring, but they must be well fixed and levelled.

Maintenance Advices

3 Layers 3 Strips Floating Parquet maintenance imposes both ordinary and extraordinary care.
For the ordinary care is advisable to remove dust with a hoover or antistatic rag and wash the floor with a damp but very wrung out soft rag.
For the extraordinary care, suggested every 10-15 years, you must turn to specialized staff who will sand the floor to remove scratches or scores, or just to revive colour, shininess and look.

Main Wood Species

Africa Origin
High Oxidation
Medium Hardness

Africa Origin
High Oxidation
Low/Medium Hardness

Europe Origin
Low Oxidation
High Hardness