The complement which makes exclusive your raising

Stemau S.r.l., in order to embellish and enhance apartments or public and private locals, creates by hand Steps as well.
Steps are a complement unique and exclusive, perfect to complete a room with stairway or raising part, already furnished with a wood flooring or not.
Steps can be realized with Solid wood or Prefinished 2 layer flooring. Timbers you can choose between are: Doussie Africa, Iroko, Oak, Asian Teak and Wenge.
Stemau S.r.l. can realize 4 different Steps: tread only, tread + riser, tread + riser + bullnose finish (a special rounded profile) and triangular Step. If requested, we can also realize different size steps (shaped, squared, rounded, smoothed, varnished).
Steps are ideal to cover or enhance a raising or a multi-floor house stairway, loft apartments and attic flats.
The manufacturing is through and demanding, but the result is excellent, unique and long-lasting.
Timbers differently react to the temperature, humidity and sunshine, and thanks to the oxidation process they could change color.

Application Advices

For the installation of Steps, a craft work particularly through, is necessary turning to expert and qualified staff.
Steps need to be laid down on solid bases, stable, dry and well levelled.

Maintenance Advices

Steps maintenance imposes both ordinary and extraordinary care.
For the ordinary care is advisable to remove dust with a hover or an antistatic rag and wash the floor with a damp but very wrung out soft rag, using a neutral cleaning soap.
For the extraordinary care you must turn to specialized staff, that will remove scratches or scores, or just revive color, shininess and look of your steps.

Main Steps

Tread only


Tread + Riser + Bullnose Finish