UNVARNISHED OAK 2 and 3 Layers Unfinished Parquet

Unvarnished Oak… ideal to make unique every interior.

Choosing an unfinished product, there is the possibility to determine the finishing.
Stemau S.r.l. offers you the possibility to choose between 16 different colors, UV or UV Oiled varnished.
To personalize and make an interior unique it will be necessary to choose, first of all, the dimensions you prefer between 2 and 3 Layers Parquet.
Then, according to your tastes, among the finishing available it is neccessary to choose the colour you prefer in the “Oak's Finishings” section.
The result will be unique, refined and elegant.

Application Advices

3 Layers Parquet lay down is simple, but it is appropriate to ask specialized staff.
Depending on the dimensions, the lay down can be with glue or floating ( the last one particularly indicated for 2 Layers Parquet and for all 3 Layers Parquet ).
For the lay down with glue the parquet must be laied with specific adhesives on specific substrates, stable, dry and well levelled , or on pre-existing floorings.
For Floating Parquet lay down, without glue, it is appropriate to use a polytylene matt with 2 mm thickness, to prevent and avoid humidity problems.
After the lay down, 2 and 3 Layers Parquet must not undergo special treatments, because it will be varnished, according to the choice of the customer, with UV Rays or UV Oil, during the production.
Before you can walk on the Parquet with glued lay down, i twill be necessary wait at least 24 hours, to avoid ruining the perfect settling of the wood.
3 Layers Parquet is suitable to be laid down also on heated floors.

Maintenance Advices

2 or 3 Layers Parquet maintenance imposes both ordinary and extraordinary care.
For the ordinary care is advisable to remove dust with a hoover or antistatic rag and wash the floor with a damp but very wrung out soft rag.
For the extraordinary care, suggested every 10-15 years, you must turn to specialized staff, who will sand the floor to remove scratches or scores, or just to revive colour, shininess and look.


2 Layers Parquet

3 Layers Parquet