Luxury Vinyl Tiles e Stone Polymer Composite

LVT and SPC floor...made 100% recycled material.

The LVT and SPC Floor is versatile, durable and resistant.
LVT Floor is a luxurious vinylic floor, composed by an upper layer (surface area), a halfway decorative layer, which reproduce veining and colors of the wood, and a vinyl counterbalancing supportive layer, joint together with a static press.
SPC Floor is a luxurious vinylic floor, composed by an upper layer (surface area), a wear layers, a decorative layer in HD, which reproduce veining and colors of the wood, the SPC core, joint together with a static press.
LVT or SPC is realized with 100% recycled materials, it is cheap, sound-absorbent, anti-slip, antibacterial, antistatic, long-lasting, water and humidity resistant, isolating, moreover it is easy to lay and maintain it.
Listonies, from 2 to 5,5 mm of thickness, have different sizes and dimensions and they can also be laid on preexisting floors, if stable and well levelled.
It is easy to lay, thanks to its adhesive or click system joint and allow the lay "do it by yourself".
It can’t oxidize or stain and it won’t decolorate if exposed to the sun.
It is suitable for every intense foot traffic space like homes, shops, offices, hotels, gyms, restaurants, commercial areas.
It is suitable also for damp spaces, like bathrooms, kitchens, garages, basements, attic.
For its low price, it’s ideal to economic and fast restorations.

Application Advices

The application of the LVT and SPC Floor is easy and fast on each stable base, well levelled and dried.
In fact , despite being insensitive to dampness, it is appropriate for it to be checked, to avoid fungi or mold forming underground.
Its laying is only floating, adhesive or click system.
Some floor types have EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) mat integrated and pre-glued for termic and acustic absorbing.
For other floor types that don't provide for it, it is suitable installate it.
Thanks to its reduced thickness it can be also laid on preexisting floorings, without cutting doors.
It also is ideal for the installation on heated floors.
It’s easily removable and 100% recycled.

Maintenance Advices

For a good maintenance we suggest removing dust with a hoover or antistatic rag and wash the floor with a damp but very wrung out soft rag, using water and a cleanser suitable to vinylic floors.

Main Decors


Dark Grey





Light Oak


Vintage Teak




White Maple