ANCIENT ROME Artistic Parquet

When parquet meets art. Expression, creation, tradition… put together in a collection that makes the wood flooring incomparable.

Artistic Parquet is a solid wood flooring. It’s handmade and unique. It’s ideal to decorate, embellish, enhance and personalize every refined space, exclusive and elegant. This is the wood flooring of excellence.
Artistic Parquet puts together the art, the warmth and the charm of the wood.
Artistic Parquet is a chromatic masterpiece, peaceful, unique and one-of-a-kind.
It is completely made by solid wood, sold and laid when still raw. After laying, it will be smooth and polish, but before you can walk on it.
Artistic Parquet is composed by wood tiles, you can choose timber and, thanks to extended range of colors, varnishing, veining and shades typical of the wood species, it can satisfy all the aesthetical, personal and functional requirements.
Tiles, with their 14 mm of thickness, have two dimensions: 600x600 mm or 1000x1000 mm. If requested, we can realize different sized, for each timer.
The laying is glued and can be a mosaic one, square, geometrical drawings, in a regular or not regular way.
If you match your Artistic Parquet with frameworks, purfles or homemade geometric borders, in different dimensions and timbers, you will even add value.
It can be water, oil, wax, shine, semi shine or opaque varnished.
For its charm, elegance and geometry, Artistic Parquet represent an add value for every spacious, luxurious, and prestigious room, such as houses, hotels, theatres etc.
Timbers differently react to the temperature, humidity and sunshines, and thanks to the oxidation process they could change color.

Application Advices

For the installation of the Artistic Parquet, a craft work particularly through, is necessary turning to expert and qualified staff.
Artistic Parquet needs to be laid down on solid bases, stable, dry and well levelled with bicomponent glue or polyurethane mono-component glue, suitable to the wood species.
After the lay down, Artistic Parquet needs to be polished, pasted and varnished.
Before walking on a solid wood flooring, you must wait 15-20 days not to ruin the perfect adaptation of the wood.
Even though this application is expensive and needs long time to be completed, the result is excellent and long-lasting.

Maintenance Advices

Artistic Parquet maintenance imposes both ordinary and extraordinary care.
For the ordinary care is advisable to remove dust with a hoover or antistatic rag and wash the floor with a specific cleaning soap based on different varnishes (wax, oil, varnish). For a quick cleaning use a damp but very wrung out soft rag.
For the extraordinary care, suggested every 10-20 years, you must turn to specialized staff who will sand the floor to remove scratches or scores, or just to revive colour, shininess and look.

Tiles and Borders

Maple/European Oak/Wengé

European Oak

Asian Teak

Cecilia Metella
Asian Teak

Maple/European Oak/Wengé

European Oak/Wengé

European Oak

European Oak

Marco Aurelio

Smoked European Oak

Asian Teak/Wengé

European Oak