Ancient ROME Artistic Parquet

Expression, Creation, Tradition ... Collected in a line that makes the wood flooring unmatched.

Why Artistic Parquet?

You choose a wooden floor for charm, elegance, durability, warmth ... Wood is a "living" matter, pleasantly stimulates your mind and mind, as well as possessing remarkable technical and performance features. The artistic parquet exalts every aesthetic characteristic and enhances the environment. The essence and the design should be chosen according to the color of the furniture and if you want to get a tone or tone environment. Parquet in contrast to furniture rises the environment, maintaining a parquet tone on tone is fine if the walls are in contrast to heat or brighten the environment. Such a pose has very high costs because the materials, having inlays of different woody species, have higher costs than the normal tablets. The result is a highly decorative floor that adapts to spacious and representative environments.