Stemau S.r.l. works and produces respecting the nature and the environment.
The quality and authenticity of its products are highly certificated by the most trustworthy and accredited Italian institution.

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    A brand is a symbol that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers. Indeed, the brand confers to its owner the power of exclusive use to distinguish all the products of the Italian market.
    Stemau S.r.l. is a registered trademark.
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    CE Labeling
    The CE labeling indicates the compliance with safety codes based on European directive and regulations.
    All the Stemau S.r.l. products have the CE labels and that means each wood flooring follows the European regulations.
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    Made in Italy Certification
    The 100% Made in Italy certification, in accordance with the law, is a guarantee brand which turns to the protection, esteem and promotion of the high-quality productions entirely realized in Italy.
    All the wood floorings realized by Stemau S.r.l. have the 100% Made in Italy brand so they guarantee the Italian authenticity (starting from the cut and the drying, from the sketch to the planning, from the choice to the section, from the calibration to the slating, from the planing to the production, from the varnishing to the packaging.
    Made in Italy Certificate
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    CATAS Certification
    The CATAS QUALITY AWARD certification guarantees the compliance of the product with technical requisite, through biological and mechanical test and chemical security analysis. Indeed, CATAS is the most prestigious Italian research institute in the field of wood.
    Each wood flooring realized by Stemau S.r.l. undergoes Catas tests, it attests the quality and conformity certification.
    Eternity Collection
    Tecnic Collection
    Victy Collection
    Recycled Wood Collection
    Biggest 3L SP Collection
    Biggest 3L 3Strips Collection
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    DoP Declaration
    The DoP Declaration (Declaration of Performance) is a mandatory document combined to the EC brand for the created products.
    Stemau S.r.l. shows all the information about the essential characteristics of the wood flooring produced.
    DoP Eternity Collection
    DoP Tecnic Collection
    DoP Biggest Collection

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    FSC® Certication
    Stemau S.r.l. has the Chain of Custody certification, according to the FSC® standards. We therefore make available to our customers parquet made with wood from sustainably managed forests. Forests are vital to the Earth, our woods purify the air, protect biodiversity and have a crucial role in mitigating the effects of climate change. By offering products certified according to the FSC® standard, Stemau S.r.l. wants to show its commitment to growing of more ethical, responsible and properly managed a wood supply chain.
    FSC® Certification

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    Italian Excellence Certification
    The Italian Excellence certification ratifies the excellence and the quality of the Italian companies’ work.
    In the national territory, Stemau S.r.l. is one of the companies which has the “Italian Excellence” Certification.
    Italian Excellence Certificate

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    E1 Certification
    This certification scheme concerns the minimum value of the formaldehyde emission in Europe.
    The certification for raw or coated wood based panels is granted to productions compliant to the E1 classification as defined by the European Standards in force like UNI EN 13986 involving the technical standards of the sector (or UNI EN 312 when it comes to chipboard, UNI EN 622 for fiberboards, UNI EN 636 for plywood etc.). Moreover, the companies periodically carry out internal control tests for every certified product. The result of this internal control must be sent to the reference technician for the final approval.
    E1 class boards (if low emission ones) can be used without causing a balance disorder in the test chamber (according to the UNI RN 717-1 chamber method) when less than 0,1 ppm, as recommended by the World Health Organization for the living spaces.
    Stemau S.r.l. periodically carry out internal control tests for the final approval.
    Tecnic Collection
    Biggest Collection

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    Taber Test
    According to the UNI EN 9115, the Taber test can be used to verify the resistance to abrasion of the varnish used to finish wood floorings.
    The result of the test is obtained after checking he number of rotations necessary to completely consume the varnish, and so compromise the protection of the wood.
    CATAS laboratories periodically carry out tests like this one on Stemau S.r.l. wood flooring so they guarantee that the varnish used is high resistant to the abrasion.
    Tecnic Collection 1
    Tecnic Collection 2