Varnishing Treatments

Varnishing is a type of industrial finishing applicable to 2 Layers Prefinished Oak Parquet and 3 Layers SP Floating Oak Parquet.
Varnishing adds value to the tonalities and to the chromatisms of the wood floorings; it protects, enhances and preserves the wood.
The varnishing cycles, 100% Made in Italy, CATAS certificated, observe every requisite, according to the UNI 11622-1:2016 standards.
The Treatments can be 7 UV Resistant or Oiled.
The 7UV varnishes of The Classics Collection are wooden effect dyes.
The 7UV varnishes of The Oak Seasons Collection are colored effect dyes.
The Oiled varnishes of The Ecologic Line Collection are natural and colored dyes.

7UV Resistant THE CLASSICS Varnishing

7UV Resistant OAK SEASONS Varnishing

Oiled THE ECOLOGIC LINE Varnishing